It’s Out There!

Rolling in the Trash

Rolling in the Trash

September 18th – delivery of a healthy ten-track album called “Rolling in the Trash.” Mother and baby are doing well. In fact baby is already making its own radio appearances and hanging out at Bandcamp and I-tunes.  Mother is happily recovering from massive stress, sleepless nights, trying to create a series of 30-hour days, and wrestling with Logic Pro while not understanding the manual.

Big thanks to Rob Raw, my partner, who played bass, helped when I was in over my head and was not afraid to tell me if an idea wasn’t working.

Rob Raw at the helm

Rob Raw at the helm

And to my musician friends who came by to help in my hour of need!

Tom Peterson on drums

Tom Peterson on drums

And to two people who made it all possible. Me….



….And YOU. Thanks for reading this and listening to my sounds ! (no photo, use a mirror)



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