Shot to Dust with the help of a synth and a blue dress

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My video  Shot to Dust is safely up on You-tube with no hitches or glitches….and I can finally see it from the other side of the lens. I’m still taken aback by the process that got it to this point. I use the word “process” lightly, as a couple of lucky chance events propelled it into life.

The song was initially a half-hearted revamp of something I’d drafted in the nineties. Then I stumbled upon Setting 189 a.k.a Northern Winds on my partner’s ancient Kurzweil  synth and everything changed. My original concept of a quick afternoon shoot at Ceven‘s home studio to create a video I might release some time-maybe-whenever was out of the window…..we had a storm to create. As luck would have it we had access to the perfect location (as described in my last blog)

You can see and hear the Northern Winds on the video right now!

Northern Winds

Northern Winds

My other lucky stroke was finding the dress I wore throughout. A week before the shoot the song was screaming for something dramatic.  Designer labels were way beyond  budget. A thorough search of Neukoelln‘s finest Turkish wedding shops revealed nothing suitable (and would still have left me at least 300 euros out of pocket.) Dispirited, I was about to take the train home, empty handed. But something prompted me to have one last shot….I backtracked to an unprepossessing row of shops I’d not previously bothered with, and entered a generic looking unit crammed with an unnappetising mix of babyclothes, tracksuits and tacky lingerie. Hanging  randomly alone and unloved right at the back, still in a polythene wrap was MY dress….I just knew it had been waiting for me.  By now it was closing time and after the brief formality of trying it on, I took ownership – even getting a 3 euro discount as they didn’t have a card reader and I was short of the unbelievably modest asking price.

My Blue Dress. (The rosette had to go)

My Blue Dress at home (The rosette had to go)

indoor coloured

My Blue Dress on location

ranting at the elements

My Blue Dress on location (2)

Such is the impact of fairly random events on my life……