Kathy X was formed in Berlin in 2002 by Kathy Freeman, survivor of the UK punk scene. The trio has played on the European psychobilly circuit and also more mainstream events over the last decade, sharing bills with Dick Dale, The Meteors The Long Tall Texans  and    Horrorpops  amongst others. The album ALL THE WAY equals punk/rockabilly roots with a few wild detours……celebrating over a decade of cool shows and hot songs – featuring both current material and buried treasures. Check it out here  



Got a different story, got a different game,

Got a different picture, in a different frame

In a different country, with a different name,

But my crazy heart keeps breaking just the same

Wherever you go, whatever you say, whatever exciting new people you meet, if you’re broken that’s not gonna fix it.  Changing your environment might put your problems on hold for a few weeks, months or years….. but  YOU are the one that really has to  kick them out…..

What was that  lightbulb joke again….”How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb? One – but the lightbulb must really want to change…”
 It took me quite a while  to see the light but at least I got a song out of it.

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Goodbye and I hope you’re still rocking, guys.

Along with luminaries such as Lou Reed and Ray Manzarek, three good buddies have passed away this year.  All die-hard rockers and rollers. I fear that as more of my generation leaves the party there are fewer and fewer who carry a very special torch. If you weren’t there before digital, you probably wouldnt even know how to re-light it. You won’t have played with fire the same way we did.

 My old friends grabbed life by the balls and lived it,  something which is becoming less common in this era of Internet fuelled half-life..

I’ve made a pact with the Devil of sorts.  I’m allowed to continually relive previous  lives. How it was and how it is can all be “now” online. But the trade-off is that I gradually lose the smell, the taste, the feel and the sheer real-ness of what those good buddies are hopefully doing right now in the afterlife.