Uno, dos, tres, quatro….

Kathy X has a couple of shows in Spain next month and in a fit of diligence i invested in an audio book of tourist Spanish.

I hate not understanding a word when in another country. My old punk-metal band Joyryde  had 2 shows in Finland. Helsinki no problem, but the next day we were in a van with Finnish bassist and Finnish road crew heading North through an endless hypnotic and eery wall of snow and fir trees, quickly losing all track of time and reality. There was a lot of ominous discussion  – obviously concerning some kind of  MAJOR PROBLEM  but damned  if I knew what our bassist and the other unsmiling Finns were on about. Not a single word was familiar. Would we ever come back from this sinister Artic vortex?

Clearly we did but I still remember that “what-are-they-planning-to-do-with-us?” feeling. As it happened the issue was band politics. Finnish bass player left us soon after……but that’s another story.


One tiny unexpected advantage of recent freezing weather here : sitting on public transport with a scarf in front of my mouth and no-one is any the wiser when I repeat several times that Ive reserved a double room and prepared the paella. I havent got to the section about soundchecks yet.