No Scotch, thanks. I’ll have a Jack Daniels

 I was 18 years old, preparing to go to a party. And learning how to cook.  Before leaving, I ate some home-made soup. The main ingredient? Parsnips.  Bad move. From nine till late o’clock I was drinking God knows what. Chased down with a generous measure of Scotch. Not rocket science to figure out what happened to my stomach. Since that night I’ve treated parsnips with caution, and the taste of even the finest, Glenwhatever 12 Year single malt carries a faint warning note. But Jack Daniels was never a problem. For my digestion anyway.

For the last word on spirits raise your glasses to George Thorogood.


Party Animal – The Song (words and music by Kathy Freeman)

Over the years playing in bands I’ve come across  a few folk who’ve sipped, snorted or gulped a wee bit too much from the rock goblet. Not a problem till their business became my business and I couldn’t extricate myself  ….this song was written in not such fond memory of those times.

“…You’re a party animal and you always will be – You don’t look for trouble but it always finds you”  Do you know this person?

“…It’s a different story – it’s the same old song”  Someone told you a few stories. In which the details are different but the result is the same. The narrator is having a ball. The listener gets shafted.

“…..You’re a party animal. You’re a party vegetable.” Party boy just made the transition to horizontal.

“…And there are no secrets around this scene. Cause wherever you go – someone’s been.” He’s yours, he’s mine, he’s someone else’s too


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Hello, hello, testing one two one two….

Due to technology issues way too boring to go into here, I’ve moved my tumblr site to a different address – ie this one. Everything preceding this post is reblogged from the old site which will now only act as a dumb datasource

Confused? Have a nice cup of tea.

IT’S MY LIFE – the Video

It’s My Life ….and if I want to prance around on video in a PVC catsuit at my age,  then so be it.

It’s YOUR life.…unless you’re a Buddhist it may be the only one you’ll get….go for it!

It’s My Life is a raw video collage of action and photos. The moving footage – me now. The photos – me  (and fellow rockers)  back then. Snapshots of moments in my life: the great, the sad, the bad, and the plain daft. I’m no longer the person in those photos anymore….but when I sing and play, then some essence of whatever was there survives, via some kind of rock n roll alchemy. For which I’m eternally grateful.

Why record a song by another artist? I’ve written plenty of my own ….. But my rock n roll girlfriend at Fancy in NY sent me some tracks by cult pre-punk band Crushed Butler, and this one spoke to me. It said “Cover me or else!” Things fell into place; a reunion recording with the drummer from my 70s punk band The Accelerators. Then a chance meeting with the charismatic Darryl Read from Crushed Butler, who gave our version his blessing. And finally – the video  It’s My Life  (shot by Rob Raw)