Kathy Freeman performing her song Serve with Tears live at the 7 Stufen (now the DoDo) Berlin

Promise #92 “I’ll make you a star!” Yeah. Out of silver foil?

still crying.

still crying.


“I’ll  make you a star!”   One of many promises made to me at some point in my life. By all kinds of people – parents, teachers, journalists, movers, shakers and  heartbreakers…….. probably all meant at the time, with varying expiry dates.

But I was too preoccupied with living to reflect on those old forgotten promises and  I guess my grinding disappointment  was effectively subdued. Until one night when I was dozing in my bed, trying to ignore the coming dawn.  Bizarrely, the soundtrack  of “Scarborough Fair”  started running through my semi conscious brain.  “Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme….. that must have triggered a subconscious leap into “recipes” – not hitherto top of my interesting themes list – and I woke with the spark for the chorus lyric:

Take a bunch of broken promises and throw them on the fire – Add a drop of sorrow as you watch the flames grow higher -Sweeten with oblivion, serve with tears – That’s the recipe for all my wasted years.

And if you listen to the studio recording of the song on my CD Second Skin, you’ll hear some fine country fiddle and mandolin from Mr Thommy Kletsch and sweet sweet harmonies from AndFriendsBerlin.    Be prepared to weep into your beer.

Why I love country:  check out Ruby, don’t take your love to town -you  can deliver the darkest sentiments coated in a deceptive candy of sweet strings and harmonies –  take a closer listen to hear what Kenny Rogers would have done to his woman if he hadnt been paralysed in that Asian war.