Eight Lanes of Incomprehensible Internet traffic

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From a Facebook mail I sent,  which somehow survived deletion (Hi there N S A!)

“Hey XXXXX – thanks for your Fandalism invite ….I have to admit to being somewhat burned out with online networking/sharing activities – just counted at least SEVEN sites where my online musician persona is partying, singing and dancing and promoting its little self 24/7. But maybe number eight is my magic number? Or just more hours with a hunched back….I really don’t know – what do you reckon?”

What you see on this blog is the tip of a technological iceberg. Steep, steep learning curves got me here and most other Net places.  As an “I- don’t-read- the- manual” diehard, I just try things out, lose drafts, misunderstand instructions and occasionally burst into tears. Eventually its all fine and dandy – apart from the feeling I just lost a few hours of my life.

When my first significant band, The Accelerators came together you couldn’t be in eight places at once.

In fact the process of  getting people to know who we were was pretty damn simple.


You phoned promoters. You generally found they weren’t there or were “in a meeting” but got some clues as to when they would be, noted time in diary and tried again. Ad infinitum


See “promoters”


They came to your shows. If they liked you, they’d come again.


Photocopied flyers and posters plus the odd Band Photo for sending to Journalists/Promoters I’d actually managed to contact

Early Accelerators Poster

Early Accelerators Poster


I didn’t “get” networking, beyond saying hello to people at Erics.  Playing shows was the be-all and end-all of my existence.

It wasn’t ideal, but now I miss that safe and guiding wall of limited options that could never have allowed me to go running haplessly into eight lanes of incomprehensible Internet traffic.

I was not being relentlessly urged to connect with more people than I could handle if I had several lifetimes to do it in.. I did simple stuff like visiting musician friends without even phoning first. To talk about all kinds of things in real time over a brew and a spliff.

Enough!! – I hear the warning siren of a nostalgia alert.

See you

PS Talking of incomprehensible Internet traffic…..between you and me, I don’t actually understand how I manage to do this blog. It’s all trial and error. And the FAQ section is not for the fainthearted.

But I’ll be back in a month.

The Facebook Song:


Facebook is  where exes crawl out of the woodwork. Ha Ha! wouldnt you like to hear more on that?  Click Here My Dear
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Bitching about Facebook

Newsfeed   I should just read updates from my  nearest and dearest – but that’s like a trip to a quiet and predictable country pub. Instead I’m lured into the noisy soulless four-floor dance club up the road, aka generic newsfeed,  where every hustler, spammer, scammer and Me-Me-Me!-merchant on the planet is out on the razzle.

Everything’s transparent except the people who run the show.     Why can you view the previous draft of an edited comment? And why preserve “important” moments like  Kathy Freeman picked her nose on July 7th 2010 (with Google map)  for eternity? Why is s-o-o-o-o hard to delete emails?    If Facebook was a building, all bathrooms would have massive clear glass windows.  With complex instructions on fitting the blinds  in an inaccessible cupboard with a missing key.

Get a life!   Why use it?    1) I need to network   2) It’s  addictive. Like many facets of communication today it  ruthlessly fragments my attention, rendering me comfortably numb to the everyday pain that life can bring. And sadly numb to its pleasures.

Kathy Freeman performing her song Serve with Tears live at the 7 Stufen (now the DoDo) Berlin

Baby, it’s cold outside!

I’m in full hibernation mode, surfacing only to secure vital supplies and refill the bird feeder…..Let’s hope this brooding winter darkness helps the creative  groundwork for a new recording….

In the Pipeline: Preproduction  for six shiny new tracks from those three rockin’ musketeers  otherwise known as Kathy X   Preproduction? That’s  yakking over cups of teas about what someone just bought on E-bay, or about next Saturday,  interrupted now and then by frantic musical activity

To be followed by  This-is-it Production…..where it all gets exciting and  I might even post little  pictures of the studio on Facebook