It’s My LIfe:   a cover of the Crushed Butler song, with kind permission of co-writer and copyright owner Darryl Read

This is to celebrate what i’ve done over four decades in music. You won’t find me in the celebrity mags but I sure had a good ride…..

IT’S MY LIFE – the Video

It’s My Life ….and if I want to prance around on video in a PVC catsuit at my age,  then so be it.

It’s YOUR life.…unless you’re a Buddhist it may be the only one you’ll get….go for it!

It’s My Life is a raw video collage of action and photos. The moving footage – me now. The photos – me  (and fellow rockers)  back then. Snapshots of moments in my life: the great, the sad, the bad, and the plain daft. I’m no longer the person in those photos anymore….but when I sing and play, then some essence of whatever was there survives, via some kind of rock n roll alchemy. For which I’m eternally grateful.

Why record a song by another artist? I’ve written plenty of my own ….. But my rock n roll girlfriend at Fancy in NY sent me some tracks by cult pre-punk band Crushed Butler, and this one spoke to me. It said “Cover me or else!” Things fell into place; a reunion recording with the drummer from my 70s punk band The Accelerators. Then a chance meeting with the charismatic Darryl Read from Crushed Butler, who gave our version his blessing. And finally – the video  It’s My Life  (shot by Rob Raw)