The Birdhouse, Paris 1988 (Photo featured in the video It’s My Life)

I skipped red-eye retouch on this photo, because his eyes probably WERE that colour

As I recall the big guy was “security” and hanging around the dressing room. For some reason he was bugging me and I gave him short shrift. He seized the opportunity later – halfway through the set – to crack my British reserve by sticking his massive head unceremoniously between my legs. Then he stood up so I was obliged to play while sitting on his shoulders. But as you can see I was neither stirred nor shaken….and the band played on.


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Kathy Freeman: IT’S MY LIFE – the Video


It’s My Life ….and if I want to prance around on video in a PVC catsuit at my age, then so be it.

It’s YOUR life.…unless you’re a Buddhist it may be the only one you’ll get….go for it!

It’s My Life is a raw video collage of action and photos. The moving footage – me now. The…

Kathy Freeman: IT’S MY LIFE – the Video

Kathy Freeman: Uno, dos, tres, quatro….


Kathy X has a couple of shows in Spain next month and in a fit of diligence i invested in an audio book of tourist Spanish.

I hate not understanding a word when in another country. My old punk-metal band Joyryde had 2 shows in Finland. Helsinki no problem, but the next day we were in a van…

Kathy Freeman: Uno, dos, tres, quatro….


You Don’t Rock No More  by Kathy Freeman   For a free download of the studio version with drums and contrabass, join my mailing list (download available till June)

Kathy Freeman: Behind the songs: You don’t Rock no More


“Now you don’t come out to play – Girlfriend threw your toys away Ain’t got time for all that jive –Work your butt off nine to five…”

(from “You Don’t Rock No More”)

For a free download of this song, join my mailing list (download available till June)

If you play in a band – or do…

Kathy Freeman: Behind the songs: You don’t Rock no More