Me and my music stand

Looked at my music stand the other day. The one I paid over 50 Deutschmarks for when I first moved to Berlin, because – unlike previous music stands –  it looked like it wouldnt fall over if someone breathed heavily. I digress. There was the music for Santa Baby next to Paranoid Am I stretching myself too far? I thought. Naah ……just keeping my options open. Apart from keeping up to speed with a  lucky dip bag of covers, I’m happy to say that my trusty  psychobilly trio Kathy X  is planning a new recording this Spring – watch this space.I’ve promised quite a few folk to say something about my songs, so here goes:

STORY BEHIND MY SONG: OK UK      …….Late 90s south London….. Some guy coughed in the street and was murdered because the killers thought he wasn’t showing the right kind of respect. Flowery tributes by the side of the road for a little girl killed in a bungled drugs bust. My neighbours on one side harassed day and night for being lesbians. My neighbour on the other side burgled – not from the street, but with apparent collusion of the occupants of the building behind her flat …..

 The winds of chance  – that had  previously blown me out of the quiet rural haunts of my childhood and into all kinds of exciting places  – dumped me right here. And then stopped blowing for the next 20 years. House prices and high rents scuppered  my dreams of relocating to the coast. I was working for the man 6 days a week, treading water to stop from drowning.

I left for Berlin in 2000. And a  few months later I could put down my feelings about leaving in OK UK,  which was followed by all the other songs I could never have written in late 90’s south London

for a FREE download of the Kathy X studio version  “OK UK” with lyrics join my mailing list (by the end of February)

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